Resorts 360 – Is It Just A MLM Scam?

Resorts 360 is a network marketing company that offers discount travel services along with an opportunity to grow your own Resorts 360 business. Are you considering joining this company or are you already a distributor? Either way – I think it’s a fair assumption to make that by you reading this article you’re having some doubts whether Resorts 360 really is a great opportunity or if it’s just a MLM scam. And I can certainly understand these doubts, because how to know? And if you’ve heard about the 97 % high failure rate in this industry, you are probably also a bit sceptical. And that’s a good thing, because there certainly are some true concerns about starting your own Resorts 360 business. Now I’ll go through the pros and cons and then finally conclude whether Resorts 360 is a good opportunity or if it’s really just a MLM scam.

First the good

Many people love to travel, and therefore, you know that there’s a market for what Resorts 360 is offering. Also, people like to save money when they book their travels, and Resorts 360 claims that you can save 50% – 75 % off retail by booking through their services. Now that sounds pretty good, right?

To become a distributor and start growing your own Resorts 360 business you have to pay $498 and then about $250 each year to stay active. From every new distributor you find, you earn about $200 and you can earn up to $2000 per sale and furthermore get bonuses.

Overall, Resorts 360 looks like a good company, with a good servic, a market for the service, and also a chance to actually make some real money.

And now the bad

As every other company in the network marketing industry, Resorts 360 recommends their distributors to grow their business by working their “warm market”, meaning that they should talk to all their friends and family members about these great discount travel services and also this awesome opportunity to make money as well. Furthermore they will tell their distributors to hand out business cards, attend home meetings and use replicated websites. Remember that I mentioned the 97 % high failure rate? Well, these techniques only cause failure. At least your success will be very limited by using these techniques

Finally, the conclusion

Resorts 360 is NOT a MLM scam! But with that being said, it’s not a lottery ticket either. You can certainly succeed with your Resorts 360 business, but not by using techniques that have been proven wrong by that many people. In order to succeed you have to stop bugging your friends and family and then start educating yourself in marketing. You have to put time and effort into your Resorts 360 business, and if you aren’t ready to do that you should just use the services instead of wasting your time and money trying to grow a Resorts 360 business the wrong way.

Panama Due Diligence Investigations

Introduction – Our law firm gets contacted by people frequently who are interested in investing money into some project or with some entity in Panama. The question they have is how do they know the credibility of the people or entity they are investing their hard earned money with. We can help with these problems by conducting a due diligence investigation for you before you invest any money.

Due Diligence – If the people you are investing money with are real they should be able to provide some basic information like licenses, corporate filings etc. We can verify these in the Panama Public Registry. If you are buying something involving title we can verify that the title is clear and free of encumbrances and any taxes due are paid current. We can verify that a corporation or foundation is filed registered in the public registry and the taxes and fees are current thus ensuring it is in good standing with the government. We can check to see if there are any lawsuits on file for the persons or entities in question and if these are current or old lawsuits and the nature of the suits, parties involved etc. There are a number of things we could do to ensure you really know what you are getting into.

Physical Location – We can have someone go to the provided office address for the entity you are concerned about. We can determine if it is a mail drop, virtual office or a real office. We can also find out if there is staff working there or just a single office worker answering the phone and signing for packages. A picture of the building and the office from outside showing what name(s) are on the door can help. Many who say they are in Panama may not really be here after all.

Contracts – We can read a contract and advise you of our thoughts paragraph by paragraph with suggestions or better yet write one on your behalf to protect your interests. We can determine if the contract is one that needs to be in Spanish (additional certified Translations are available) and filed in a government registry or with a government agency to ensure the contract is enforceable.

Panama Lease Rental Agreements – We can first of all determine if the party you are intending to lease from has the legal right to lease you the property. There are a lot of scams like this going on with people taking advantage of foreigners. Then we can review and negotiate the rental agreement for you. We would also make sure a copy in Spanish is recorded with the housing ministry along with any security deposit. If the person who rented you the property has no legal right to do so you may find yourself facing a fast and speedy eviction since you are essentially a squatter. If you buy stolen property unknowingly it can still be taken away from you as stolen property, same concept here.

Panama Real Estate Purchase – We can do a complete due diligence on the property with clear title check. We start with the pre-purchase deposit agreement and follow through until the close of escrow. We can assist with a real solid appraisal, mortgage, dealing with brokers on both sides, the escrow, the title and recording of the change in ownership. We are also very good with asset protection for your real estate. See our real estate section.

Linux options for Small Businesses

Linux is an alternate type of system that provides hosting for small businesses and companies that run Linux applications on their personal computers and laptops. The Linux-based platform is stable platform in the industry.

The Linux operating system was developed by Linus Torvalds as an alternative to other operating systems. Most of its versions are free of costs. The most popular Linux software is Red Hat and Mandrake.

Linux was only for professionals until a few years ago but the situation has changed. Many ‘small businesses have switched to the Linux platform because of its open source architecture, meaning that users can structure the system to do what they want it to do.

Web host providers are specializing in Linux servers and the demand for this type of interface has grown by 40% over the last three years. A Unix-based platform is one of the most reliable operating system that you can ever have. It has a better up time than Microsoft Operating Systems and hosting programs in Linux are more flexible. You actually can get ore from a Linux based server than other servers on the market.

Linux supports a wide variety of application languages, more than any other operating system. The most common applications of such kind include C, C++, Shell, Perl, Tcl, Python, Java and PHP. Databases available for Unix are mSQL and mySQL. The one you choose would depend on what you plan to do on the web and the host that you choose to park your web site.

The Linux based system comes with its won web development module in some versions of Red Hat Linux that make web site creation easy as 1-2-3. FTP modules are built into the operating system to provide you with an alternative way to load the web site to the Linux host.

Linux will become a major force in the future as more small to medium businesses turn towards its hosting platform.

Getting A Mortgage Even If You Have Bad Credit With

Getting A Mortgage Even If You Have Bad Credit With Good Debt Management

How can anything called a “bad” credit mortgage be considered good? You would be surprised that it is a good option for many people. It even can help some people improve their bad credit! That is one of the main reasons the people are attracted to bad credit mortgage financing, especially people who are having financial problems. How does bad credit mortgage financing do this much good? By consolidating debt.

First, let’s start with the idea that bad credit is really not such a good idea. You should try at all costs to protect your credit rating and getting a bad credit rating in the first place. Usually, people end up with bad credit because they have defaulted on a loan or failed to make payments on their credit cards. Running up debt that you cannot afford will surely ruin your credit rating and your chances to get credit in the future. If you do get credit, you will pay a very high rate on it. But you can use a mortgage to consolidate that debt and save money. How, you ask, if I have bad credit? Even though your bad credit mortgage will be at a higher rate than a conventional mortgage, it will still be cheaper than other loans. That is because the financial institution has collateral, your home, to back the mortgage loan. Plus, you probably already have some equity in your home since you have been making your mortgage payments on it.

Having collateral such as your home for a loan makes a big difference in applying for a loan. Some lenders will insist on some collateral for a loan as a kind of guarantee for the loan. Here’s how it works: the lending institution makes an assessment on the value of the home. If there is enough value in the assessment of the home, the lender will be willing to lend money on it. This is why a bad credit mortgage loan works if you have bad credit. Yes, the lender is still looking at your credit rating, so you will pay a higher interest rate, but the lender can fall back on the value of the home in case of default. If you can possibly negotiate a loan without collateral, that would be great, and you should definitely try that if your assessment of the home does not yield enough equity for the loan you want. There may be other things you can use as collateral for your bad credit loan.

Make sure you also check out all of the fees and charges, such as points, closing costs, application fees, etc. on the bad credit loan mortgage ahead of time. If you are paying too much in upfront fees, the loan may not be worth wile, since even with a lower interest rate, your overall costs will be too high. (Perhaps the equity in your home is too low to get a height enough loan) You have to add in these costs to see if the whole package is still worthwhile. It doesn’t make sense to take out a loan and then pay so much in fees that you have hardly anything left afterwards.